We produce a wide range of precision quality pinions. By combining a variety of materials, shapes, and pitches, we can provide gears that are perfectly suited to your applications. Even if our standard gears do not meet a customer’s needs, we can accommodate any request with custom gears.
Gears can be customised to meet your exact requirements. This allows for precise customer specifications that are impossible to meet with standard stock gears.

Kreymayer gears are all pre-engineered, because there is so much technical information available, customer-side gear design is unnecessary. We can provide gear drawings on paper, in 2D CAD, or in 3D CAD.

In addition, We also offer a wide range of high-quality Straight Teeth Ground Pinions, Helical Flange Teeth Ground Pinions, Straight Soft Pinions, Straight Skiving Pinions, Straight Hardened Pinions, Helical Teeth Ground Pinions, Helical Teeth Ground Pinion Shaft, Helical Soft Pinions, Helical Skiving Pinions, Helical Hardened Pinions

Types Of Pinions


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