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Best Gear Rack and Pinion Manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

Kreymayer is a Leading Gear Rack Manufacturer and Pinion Manufacturer, specializing in the development and production of premium-quality Rack and Pinion Gears, Drive Systems tailored for diverse industries. Our extensive range includes top-notch Helical Racks, Straight Teeth Ground Racks, Helical Teeth Ground Racks, Helical Hardened Racks, Helical Milled Quenched and Tempered Racks, Straight Hardened Racks, and Straight Milled Quenched and Tempered Ground Racks.

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factory - Gear Rack and Pinion Manufacturer

In the field of drive technology, we have shown ourselves for over 36 years as a medium sized family business that specializes in the creation of high quality Gear Rack Manufacturer and Pinion Manufacturer in India. Complex driving systems necessitate more stringent quality and performance standards for its components. New and innovative products from KREYMAYER have repeatedly adapted and executed these standards in recent years.

We are a well-known manufacturer of drive technology, and our goods include low backslash gearboxes, racks and pinions manufactured at our factory in Navi Mumbai, India. Keeping up with latest advancements in drive technology ensures that we are prepared for any issues that may arise. For servo gearheads and racks, we provide unique solutions in addition to our inventory. Having a close working relationship with our clients is the foundation of our efficiency and success. In both domestic and foreign markets, our experts are respected for their sensible and competent advise. Whenever you have a technical problem, you can count on us for prompt and courteous assistance.


Gear Racks

We Stocks a Variety of Gear Racks to Accommodate a Wide Range of Rack and Pinion Configurations. We Have Racks with Correctly Configured Tooth Forms at the Ends If the Application Requires a Long Length Requiring Multiple Gear Racks in Series. This Is Referred to as Gear Racks with Machined Ends.


We Produce a Wide Range of Precision Quality Pinions. by Combining a Variety of Materials, Shapes, and Pitches, We Can Provide Gears That Are Perfectly Suited to Your Applications. Even If Our Standard Gears Do Not Meet a Customer’s Needs, We Can Accommodate Any Request with Custom Gears.

Engineering Inspection Services

We Offer Performance Oriented Cost Benefitting Reliable Solutions Vide Our Vast Range of Products to Give Substantial Reduction in Production and Inventory Costs and Keep Production Smoother and Perform Much Better.

Guideway Racks.2

We offer performance-oriented cost benefitting reliable solutions via our vast range of products to give a substantial reduction in production and inventory costs and keep production smoother and perform much better.

CNC Machines


One-stop solution for all your manufacturing needs, including top-notch gear rack and pinion manufacturers. Best product quality, responsive services, and exceptional customer service.
Sachin Khodape
We used their services and found them pretty smooth. The support is prompt and smooth. The engineering team is very thorough at problem solving. Would highly recommend their services for a seamless experience!
Suhas Sanas
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